Monday, December 13, 2010

Miyajima - floating Tories

It was really beautiful. One of my favorite dates ever!

Maple Leaf cookies at Miyajima

One thing that Miyajima is known for is their maple leaf cookies. They are filled with bean paste, almond paste, or custard. Bean paste was not our favorite.

Miyajima- deer

Luke and I took a cultural tour to Miyajima. We really enjoyed it. The fall colors were beautiful. There are deer wandering around the island. They are not shy and they will pick your pocket if you have paper in it.

Japanese cooking class - Lotus Root

This was a fun class. We learned how to cook lotus root. Iwakuni lotus root is a local speciallty. The lotus root here is speciall because it has 9 holes. It had the texture of an artichoke. It was very tasty. We made a salad, pizza, and lotus steak. The lotus root here has a mascot. His name is Hahsu-chan.

We bought pickled plums at one of the stores out in town.

Pickled Plum tasting with Sean and Alicia. Pickled plums are not a group favorite. Sean and Alicia came to Japan on the same flight as us.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Decorating our Christmas Tree

We decorated our Christmas tree and Dad put the star on top.

Our first driving adventure in Japan

We got our license to drive on the other side of the road and we have a car. We went to a store called Mr. Max (Japanese whole sale store). We bought our little Japan Christmas tree or as the signs in the shops say "Happy Xmas" tree. A lady from church who is Japanese and lives in Iwakuni went with us and showed us around. We went to lunch afterwards. Let me just tell you that it doesnt take long for your legs to fall asleep when sitting at those little tables. It was a great day.